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Journey to Releasemyad – By Ferdinandha Gopallan

Journey to

What is releasemyad?

Who is facing the problem with releasing the ad?

What’s the problem with release my ad?

What went wrong?

Is there anything controversial with the ad?

These are the pop-ups i had in my mind. I am no way aware of the releasemyad, so do the virtual internship.

Ignorance is not bliss, but in my case, that was
                                                                                                    – Victoria Principal

Even in my case “Victoria”.

I had no idea about virtual internship and releasemyad. Anyway not for long. When it comes to marketing, you have to be loaded up with the data’s or at least an overview of How? What? Which? When? Where? details of the companies or the events that’s happening around us.

Now coming to the Internship. All of us were recovering and gaining senses and back to the normal life after the exam enjambment. Then came the boss of hangover. Its the


A ship that never sinks and a pro who is hated by many.

We do have to complete two months of internship with the company. Everyone were busy with their spicy, colorful, delicious resumes garnered with cover letter”.

All of em were shooting the company with the cannonballs resumes to get into their favorite and aspiring companies. While some were looking for the role other than the company fame, other folks were as-usual reckless.

I applied to a company, thinking them as the one and the only company in the whole universe waiting for their offer letter, meanwhile i applied to many startups to get my hands on sand. The only company in the universe, sent me only one mail asking for one requirement from my side. And within one day, readying the requirement within one hour, sent them one mail and

Guess what?

I expected one mail with one joining date but the one whom i loved had other ideas. Likely i found the one and fell in love with it. Its




Releasemyad is a midnight miracle for me. I called my pal and was discussing with him at 12.35 am then after some time releasemyad hit the conversation. He told me about this internship programme. I should say, he is a brand freak, who is always busy with his logo and designing activities. And he said its a virtual internship and all the tasks will be carried out using a mobile or a pc and no need to visit the office. Everything is online.

Since he got through this marketing internship hurdles, he was in rejoice. I totally went mad due to the discussions. I had thoughts like

Where is their office? Where are they located?

And i was confident that they don’t have any in Mars.

It was bizarre, till i got it clear. And due to his efforts and tireless ruptures,

I downloaded the app from Releasemyad

Completed their evaluation process and got selected.

But i had the doubts of a common man. Will this workout?. If so how effective will be this internship programme? But brushing these aside, I began the tasks of the internship programme. And being a marketing student, amidst all the digital marketing techniques and conventional marketing, how its going to benefit in my future marketing career.

Like i said, whilst all the digital marketing boom, this internship focuses on the tasks which is a package of the digital marketing.

I have completed the tasks, which are as follows

1.Creating presentations with PowerPoint

2.Training courses in marketing

3.Conducting a survey and still many.

Its evaluated and poured a heck of confidence and its pushing me to explore new marketing activities which are trending and futuristic.

And finally,

Being and intern at Releasemyad, I got solution to all the questions which puzzled me and provided the mindset of doing only the tasks and expecting the results not the benefits that i am going to reap.


I’m done here. And its time for you to expose your marketing flair to rock the world.

                                                                                        I will meet you here⇓
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